Stream "Amazing", The First Single From Fatal Lucciauno's Second Album Respect.


The most gifted, and storied lyricist signed to Seattle's Sportn' Life Records, Fatal Lucciauno has just released the first single from Respect, the follow up to 2007's extra-raw The Only Forgotten Son. Lucciauno has always had the skill to craft beautiful, painfully affecting tracks, and he alternates between introspective quiet storm, and hard as nails concrete warrior. "Amazing" is more the former than latter, but I'd say it's more of a collection of thoughts than anything. There's not a very focused plot to follow, but the song's scattered aspiration and warm memory recall is more than enough to carry it. The beat is an easy-listening Jake One soul track, and the J Pinder chorus sounds nice and natural. (The Jake One/Pinder/Lucciauno trio could make game-changing albums, btw). If I have one knock on the joint, it's that there's too much reverb on the vocals, and the echo is accentuated if you're listening with headphones. Overall, though, the song is a plus.

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