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Alrighty. I know a lot of you were devastated when I dropped off the face of the Earth a couple of weeks ago.


Okay I'm Done Having A Baby; Time To Get Back To Nit-Picking Your Various Releases

#baby #based
Alrighty. I know a lot of you were devastated when I dropped off the face of the Earth a couple of weeks ago. "Who's going to tell me which local rap release to pair with my new gravity bong?" you might have asked. "How will I know who raps the hardest?!" is another understandable reaction. Rest assured, my new baby (pictured left bumping some tough street-cuts [okay, okay, getting a hearing test]) and I have been listening to nothing but local rap for the past few weeks, and wanted to fill you in on what you may have missed. Let's go:

Sol released a pretty big time album called Yours Truly. The studious Seattle MC has always put out a positive vibe, which continues here, and he has procured some fantastic production for the occasion (Jake One, Budo, etc.). He's also made some strides as a lyricist. As much as I dig his style and delivery, he's never really "wowed" me behind the mic. I'd say he's still developing, but he sounds pretty good here. (Pick it up on iTunes.)

Hi-Life Soundsystem put out a music video for "Turn It Up" (featuring Helluvastate) from their latest album Langston Hugh Hefner...Love, Weed & Other Vices. The video shoot they opened to the public a while back turned out great, and gave the guys an opportunity to have a little fun.

Barfly of The Saturday Knights released a song called "A Toast (to the Fallen)" under the moniker Floods. It's damn fantastic, in fact, maybe the best song 2012 has thrown my way thus far. It's self-produced, and well-spoken. Give it a listen.

Naturally, Avatar Young Blaze released a video. This one's for "UK Grime" (one of my favorite songs released in 2011), from The Iron Curtain (one of my favorite releases from 2011). Now that we've gotten that out of the way, the video (directed by top-notch dude Jon Augustavo) is kind of boring, in my humble opinion. It has a promising start, but the plot after about 1:20 is pretty predictable, and--maybe I just watched too much Boy Meets World (skip to 8:30), but the ending is more of a "Saw that coming" than a "What a mindfuck!!" (Wouldn't it have been a killer twist if Shawn was behind the horse mask?!) The running-in-slow-motion scenes also drag on a bit long. The song's rad though, did I mention that?

In-demand MC Nacho Picasso again teamed up with gloom-scape producers Blue Sky Black Death. Their second full-length collaboration (the first being For The Glory) is pretty heavyweight. Get it free here. Gravity bong sold separately.

A few other things happened, but I either forgot or my kid was unimpressed so I left them out.

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