Let's Talk Odds On Pulp, Refused, At the Drive-In, and Jeff Mangum Making It Up To Seattle (Sorry, Radiohead)

No offense, but Thom Yorke's lazy eye and Radiohead's increasingly ponderous noodling are mainstays of the touring circuit, and while it's good news they're not shirking the rest of the West Coast for Coachella, they're hardly the most interesting items on yesterday's line-up announcement for the California mega-festival. No, the big news is the festival's usual batch of reunions and un-retirements: Brit pop gods Pulp, post-hardcore bomb-throwers Refused and At The Drive-In, and Neutral Milk Hotel recluse Jeff Mangum. Mangum and Pulp have both been playing reunion shows already--and update: it has been pointed out that Mangum is already set to play Seattle's Moore Theatre April 16th, so that's one down--but Refused and At The Drive-In's reunions were announced specifically for Coachella (Refused have promised to announce more tour dates soon). So, Radiohead, yay--but what are the odds these acts will make it up to Seattle (or Sasquatch! or Bumbershoot)? Pulp is a must see (at least) once in my lifetime band--is this gonna be the first year I actually have to go to Coachella?

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