Hey, Don't Forget to Pick Up the January Issue of SW's Music Mag, Reverb Monthly

The January installment of Reverb Monthly is hidden inside the current issue of Seattle Weekly (and availalble independently at a number of bars/clubs/nail salons around town) and on the web here, and on the Kindle and Kindle Fire.

Per usual, we've reviewed every local record that we could get our hands on (that's 50-something, not counting the record we missed that you're thinking of right now, and that we'll catch up on next month) and list a bunch of our show recommendations for the month. We've also got regular features from John Roderick ("How could you reasonably think Oasis, Manic Street Preachers, and Supergrass were anything but short-dick Kinks cover bands?") and David Stoesz ("I myself tried for years to get my hair to look like Glen Campbell's does on the cover of Gentle on My Mind.") And Todd Hamm has the goods on a pair of songwriters in Tacoma (I know, devastating) who are writing hits for the likes of Nicki Minaj.

Enjoy, y'all.

Oh, and yes, to answer your question, I am just going to spend the day swimming in a pool of shameless self-promotion. Feel free to chime in.

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