With this year's Coachella announcement , we learned that, like every year, some cool artists would be reuniting for the festival-- in this case, hardcore


Get it Together: 10 Band Reunions We'd Like to See Stop by Seattle in 2012

With this year's Coachella announcement, we learned that, like every year, some cool artists would be reuniting for the festival-- in this case, hardcore bands At the Drive-In and Refused, as well as the U.S. debut of re-formed Brit Pop deities Pulp. Reunions these days are a common occurrence. In fact, most of the formerly-broken-up or reclusive artists in my iTunes have already gotten back together and toured (Mangum, Guided by Voices, Pavement, Pixies, Gang of Four, My Bloody Valentine... the list goes on). Will we ever reach a point where there's no big bands to reunite? (Obviously not... LCD Soundsystem will have to come back at some point.) Will someone finally get The Smiths back together? I can't say. But even with the glut of reunions, there's still a few artists I'd like to see-- this year, if possible.

1. Sleater-Kinney

Internet rumors suggest this could actually happen. Yes, Wild Flag kicks ass, but it would be rad to see S-K play together again. "Corin [Tucker] and I are still the best of friends, and we have been talking a lot about Sleater-Kinney as something to do again," Carrie Brownstein told Wired earlier this month. Fingers crossed!

2. Blur

Also a likely contender for a 2012 reunion. They are confirmed to play at the Brit Awards next month, where they will be granted a special award honoring their contributions to music. Of course, curmudgeon Graham Coxon had to be a wet blanket, telling NME, "I'm not sure we'd be satisfied doing a circus every year... If Blur record anything that's gonna be taken seriously by us four, it can't just be a casual thing." But let's wait and see. Damon Albarn has hinted they'd like to come across the pond again, and their 2003 stop at the Showbox was electrifying even without Coxon.

3. The Velvet Underground

Hey, nobody's dead, right? Except Nico, and she wasn't really in the band anyway. Oh wait, the original guitarist died in 1995. And I didn't know that they had toured in 1992. But let's do the whole thing again-- can you imagine the reaction to a VU announcement for Pitchfork Fest? Or even more fitting, All Tomorrow's Parties?

4. The Turn-Ons

One of my favorite Seattle bands of all time mixed sixties pop, eighties melancholy, and a dose of shoegaze and glam into an addictive sound I still can't get enough of. More, please.

5. Oxford Collapse

Am I the only one who misses this New York art-rock band that broke up in 2009? Yes? Carry on, then.

6. Electrelane

The awesome ladies of Electrelane played a few festival dates in the U.K. and Europe last year. Let's hope someone has the sense to book them on this continent in 2012. In the meantime, I'll be over here, listening to Warpaint.

7. Oasis

Okay, maybe not in 2012, but you know the Gallagher brothers won't be able to resist the moneymaking machine that is Oasis for too long. Just look at the size of the font for Noel's new band on this year's Coachella poster and you'll understand why.

8. The Strokes

What's that you say? They're not broken up? Oh, in that case, they should definitely get on that, ASAP.

9. The Libertines

Like most Americans, I never got to see them with troubled frontman Pete Doherty. Because of his drug-related visa problems, they rarely toured the U.S., so it's hardly the money-making proposition that a blockbuster like ATDI represents. While there's no doubt they made a tidy bundle when they reunited for a few shows in their native England in 2010, I wish they would do the same thing here.

10. Cocteau Twins

The band announced they would play Coachella in 2005, but in March of that year, the reunion was called off. I guess those irreconcilable differences cited when they broke up in 1997 still haven't been put to rest.

Bonus: Sonic Youth

Too soon?

Okay, that's my top picks, but I'm sure I barely scratched the surface of possible reunions. Who would you like to see re-form in 2012? Add your vote in the comments!

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