Baby, It's Cold Outside, and Pendleton's Re-Issued Board Shirts Are On Sale!

Remember a couple months ago when I was geeking out about the rock and wool offerings you could pair to make killer Christmas baskets? Well, since you're staying inside shopping online on this snowy day anyhow, you'll be interested to know that the Pendleton Board Shirt -- the one modeled after the ... model the Beach Boys wore when they called themselves the Pendletones -- is on sale for about 30 percent off right now. It's still spendy, marked down to $74 from $105. But, damn, how about a high-quality piece of wool that's good at the beach and in the mountains?

Speaking of wool ... the Filson folks are throwing a sale right now, too. Now ... unlike Pendleton, I don't know that Filson ever really puts it all on mark-down. But there are a few choice pieces of wool items -- most still made at their factory/store in SoDo -- that are on sale, though most of it is for women (not that there's anything wrong with that). I'm a huge Filson fan, and was gifted an amazing jacket for Christmas from my in-laws. It's not on sale, but plenty else is.

Rock n' wool, y'all!

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