Why This Mico de Noche Show Tonight At The Funhouse Will Kick So Much Ass:

The lineup tonight at the Funhouse could really add an explosive element to your Thursday. Here's why it's going to kick so much ass:

1. Tacoma's Argonaut is opening up, and they will provide the perfect lead-in: they're heavy, energetic, and a touch proggy, yet, amidst a few screams, vocalist/bassist Matt Sader throws in a nice little bit of melody, so you won't be entirely shocked when you walk in the door.

2. The drinks are strong and cheap (much like your's truly), and the behavioral expectation isn't exactly fine dining, so you can get dirty ol' drunk and not feel bad about it.

3. Mico de Noche is great live. The first time I saw them in '09 (at Madraso's Van Horne release party), they stuck out immediately as a band I needed more of in my life, and I bought Cherries on my way out. When they released a fantastic split 10" with Brothers of the Sonic Cloth a few months later, I picked that up hot off the presses too, and didn't regret it one bit. Now is an especially good time to catch them in concert, as they are recently reformed after a year-long hiatus, so they should be all amped up and ready to rock.

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