West Seattle's Favorite Insurance Salesman/Urban Cowboy Brent Amaker Has This Vocoder Track To Add To The Christmas Song Canon

Black Santa
Created, perhaps, in the advisory spirit of his insurance peddling alter-ego Brent Amacher, gravel-throated psych-country rocker Brent Amaker has added his own Christmas single to the mix with the tender, yet instructional advice of "A Very Brent Amaker Christmas."

"Give a smile, give a hug, give a kiss, give some love," sings Amaker in a haze of synth effects, vocoding, and jingle bells. A blunt Christmas message, but it works, and the contrast next to the old, well-worn standards--eternally covered as they are--is refreshing enough to consider taking out a policy in thanks.

At any rate, thank you Brent Amaker, for your weird and wonderful addition to the genre. Take a listen here, and Happy Holidays, y'all: "A Very Brent Amaker Christmas".

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