Hey, it could happen
This weekend prospectively holds some fun times, among which is a video-shoot for local intellectual party-rappers Hi-Life Soundsystem, which happens to


This Weekend: Go To Hi-Life Soundsystem's Roller Party, Then Help Members Only's Rob Milliron Pay His Medical Bills

Hey, it could happen
This weekend prospectively holds some fun times, among which is a video-shoot for local intellectual party-rappers Hi-Life Soundsystem, which happens to be open to anyone with a flair for fun, and maybe a pair of skates. If you wander down to the Southgate Roller Rink at around 10:30 Sunday night, and get your boogie extra-right, you could find yourself soaking up some well-edited Youtube time in the near future, which always makes for good Facebook fodder. The video is for an as-yet undisclosed track from their next album "Langston Hugh Hefner: Love, Weed and Other Vices" (out early-January).

HLSS is, of course, signed to local extra-indie Members Only, a label owned by five extremely hard-working guys who are as passionate about life as they are about the music they push. Sadly, news has recently broken that part owner, and long-time party-make-happener/good mood provider Rob Milliron has been diagnosed with a very serious condition called cystic medial necrosis, a condition that has wreaked havoc on his well-being and actually nearly claimed his life this summer. Having spent a hefty amount of time in the hospital since then, his medical bills have become unmanageable, and the Members Only team has decided to put a couple of songs up for sale on their site to raise money for the cause. You can pick them up here (and please do), and please believe, if a benefit show materializes in the near future, you better make it a point to show up, because knowing MO, it will be the poppinest benefit show that ever did go down.

Read a statement from Rob (pulled from a local music forum) after the jump...

Some of you know me personally some of you know me professionally, some you of just know me from this message board but I am undeniably considered an asshole. I accept that but its a product of my nurturing. My dad died when I was three from cancer he received from welding inside of aluminum tanks underwater. As I'm sure most of you know, considering you are predominately male artists, growing up without a male role model warps your world view.

In addition to the lack of a father my mother started using heroin again shortly after my birth and has been a junkie all of my life. I lived with her through countless trips to jail, failed marriages, sexually and physically abusive boyfriends until one day I came home and her and her boyfriend had moved across the country leaving me at 14 on my own. That is when I moved to the town to live with my Aunt and Uncle and get my life on some sort of track.

An added bonus I received from my parents in addition to the lifetime of pain and baggage was a disease called cystic medial necrosis where the middle wall in all of my arteries is dead and rotting. That is what caused the massive aortic aneurysm that almost took my life this summer. Through my open heart surgery, my strokes, my seizures, and my general bad mood I have relied on the support of my community through twitter and facebook updates and the ability to post on this message board while I've been stuck at the edge of the world looking into the depths of death. It's changed me as a man, as a member of this community, and as a fan of the little things I get joy from in this world.

During the City Arts Festival my company Members Only produced a concept show that featured collaborations by 40 different local musicians with the aim to bring us together by experimenting in music. It was called Factory and it was successful. Not financially, not really even as an overall production, it was successful in opening artists hearts and minds to collaboration with people outside of their crews, friend groups, echelons.

Two songs are currently available that were produced, written, and recorded in conjunction with Factory and I ask that you buy them. All proceeds will go to paying the over $100k worth of hospital bills I accrued while fighting for my life.

"Cadillac Spaceships" by Parker (SOTA, Members Only), Jarv Dee (BAYB, Cloud Nice) produced by WD4D (Everything Dope, Ever) and In the Morning by SK (The Life) and Mario Sweet (The Physics, Malice and Mario) produced by Parker. They are up over at http://www.membersonly206.bandcamp.com for as little as $1 each. Please help a fellow member of this community in their time of need.

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