ORCA TEAM will be performing Jan. 4 at Neumos
A lot went into writing your favorite song, but how much do you really know about


Tell Me About That Song: Leif Anders, Vocalist of Surf-Pop Three-Piece ORCA TEAM

ORCA TEAM will be performing Jan. 4 at Neumos
A lot went into writing your favorite song, but how much do you really know about it? This week Leif Anders, vocalist and bassist of Portland-turned-Seattle three-piece surf-pop band ORCA TEAM, delves into naming songs after people, part-time drummers and playing at PopFest in Athens, Ga.

Song: "I'm Waiting"

Album: Kissing Cousins EP

Release Date: July 29th, 2011

When it was written: Oct./Nov. 2010

Where it was written: Mostly in The Pink Room. This was the house Jessica (guitarist) and I occupied in Portland from June 2009 until June 2011. I think I wrote some lyrics at work, which was at Tobacco Town on 82nd avenue in Portland. The flourescent lighting really helped make the song more dismal.

Favorite line in the song: "When I step into a room, you might not like what you see," or "I tried to let them know, I'm not worth the feud."

Which part was the hardest to come up with: Surprisingly, the song was written with ease. Jessica came up with a guitar lead on the spot and then we just built the song around that. The hardest piece of this song was coming up with a convincing title. It was called "Olive Oyl" for months because it was supposed to be written from the perspective of a woman in the middle of constant turmoil between two men. Jessica didn't like the fact that we had songs named after people already including "Shane," "Clare Quilty," and "Michael." We decided for simplicity's sake we would just call the song "I'm Waiting," based on the refrain.

If you could go back and change anything, what would it be: Probably just the attitudes between Jessica, Ami and I when the song was written. We were all very sour with one another and everything else in life. Things were falling apart on every level and we were all very tense. Maybe this is why the song comes across as moody as it does.

Odd fact about song: Jessica was worried about including this song on our recording because she thought it sounded too similar to another ORCA TEAM song from our album Let It Go entitled "TMR." I convinced her that there were large differences. She still frets about this from time to time.

What was your inspiration for writing the song: In the late autumn of 2010, my life was starting to decline for the worst. Jessica and I weren't getting along in our personal and professional relationship. We were starting to drift apart. I was beginning a new and inspiring friendship with my friend Sara (played bass guitar in another band I had called BESTIES) and I began to get this sinking feeling that I was the center of drama and bad feelings. The idea of masking myself behind the character of Olive Oyl made complete sense. I was causing people to break apart and my association with everyone I knew was making everything else become more distant. I watched as Jessica and Sara brooded a distaste for one another while I remained weak and helpless, silently hoping to disappear. The music was inspired to have even less than what a regular ORCA TEAM song requires because everything was unstable. The drums practically do nothing, the guitar is sparse, the bass holds down the fort, the vocals keep a simple hook but nothing to write home abou - no one is even remotely a showboat because everything is stripped.

When was your favorite time performing it live: Playing at the Athens, Ga. Pop Fest was pretty amazing. We had a fill in drummer for the night, Beren, formerly from Eat Skull, Fuck You Safari, The Intelligence. None of us knew what we were doing in Georgia. Everyone in the audience seemed to have a great time, though.

What is the meaning behind the song: The meaning behind the song basically has to do with trying something new and watching how badly it fails. You are immediately the person to blame, but instead of coming out and accepting the mess you made, you continue to cover up details, hoping in a matter of time everything will go back to normal. Except nothing changes and you are stuck watching people fighting over you. You become intensely weak and helpless to control anything so you just wait for someone or something to rescue you from this unfortunate situation.

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