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You can now subscribe to the Kindle and Kindle Fire edition of Seattle Weekly 's Reverb Monthly .
Reverb Monthly , Seattle Weekly 's new


Seattle Weekly's Reverb Monthly Now Available on Amazon's Kindle and Kindle Fire!

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You can now subscribe to the Kindle and Kindle Fire edition of Seattle Weekly's Reverb Monthly.
Reverb Monthly, Seattle Weekly's new music magazine, is now available on the world's most popular e-reader, the Kindle, along with Amazon's new tablet, Kindle Fire. The Kindle edition includes everything that's found in Reveb Monthly's print edition, including the city's most comprehensive collection of local reviews, a look at upcoming shows, and columns from the likes of John Roderick, Indie Anna Jones, and David "Uptight Seattleite" Stoesz.

As with all periodical subscriptions available in the Kindle store, there is a subscription fee for Reverb Monthly. Subscribers will pay 99 cents a month. Also, per usual, there is a free trial period. Go ahead and check out the Kindle version of our current issue, The Year In Music, and if you decided you'd rather continue picking up the print product or read the mag online, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We're just excited that you have another option.

This is but the first step in our plans for making Reverb Monthly a dynamic magazine that readers can access on any device they like. We're looking forward to bringing you lots of new features in the months ahead. Stay tuned!

OK, so why should a person pay to read a publication on the Kindle when they can get it for free online and in print?

That is a very good question. And I expect that many readers are going to prefer the free versions. I've had a Kindle for a year now, and I still get a daily paper at home, the Sunday NY Times, and pick up both the city's alt-weeklies in print. And I scan numerous news sites throughout the day for my daily dose of free headlines. But I also subscribe to -- and have sampled -- a number of publications on my Kindle.

The New Yorker is one that I've enjoyed reading on the Kindle for the last few months. I get The Seattle Times on my Kindle every day. And I recently subscribed to Politico, even though I can get their stories for free on their web site. For the modest fee, I think it's worth it.

In her last "The Medium" column for The New York Times Magazine, Virginia Heffernan perfectly articulated why I've been willing to spend a few bucks to read publications on my Kindle that offer free stories online. It's all about the "silence." Here's Heffernan:

The Kindle in particular brought me the first moment of peace from Web noise that I'd had in a long time. True, I thought I loved the Web noise when the only alternative was to recede into analog culture -- but I have adored the silence I've found on the Kindle.

For those of you who agree, we now have the Kindle option for you. And for those of you who don't? Rest assured, the print and web editions aren't going anywhere.

Thanks for reading.

Chris Kornelis

Editor, Reverb Monthly

Music Editor, Seattle Weekly

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