In Lieu Of An Album Review, Some Disjointed Thoughts On The New Into The Storm EP Captains

Seattle-by-way-of-Bellingham metal quartet Into The Storm have a new 12" out called Captains. Here are a few of the thoughts I thought when I listened to it:

This album sounds kind of like if an avalanche got really smashed and had an arm wrestling contest with a unruly sea squall who got mad when he lost and challenged the avalanche to a face-punch contest instead. There is an aimless brutality in the lead singer's yells. It gets a little tiring. Yelling is cool, but it feels more significant when it's used as punctuation rather than the default volume of conversation. Otherwise, the music does a lot of cool tricks. It jumps through a lot of different hoops until it gets to its final, thunderous breakdown at the end of each sentence. The music is actually pretty kickass. The drums are uneven though, recording-wise. The toms and kick sound relatively tidy, but the snare sounds really tinny, and the cymbals are somewhere in-between. +1 for the eclectic captain references, and another +1 for the deranged artwork. G'day!

Listen here, and share your own nonsensical ramblings below!

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