Iggy & the Stooges
Duff McKagan's column runs every Thursday on Reverb. His memoir, It's So Easy (Simon & Schuster) is out now.
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Hey, If You've Never Heard Rock and Roll...Start With These 10 Records

Iggy & the Stooges
Duff McKagan's column runs every Thursday on Reverb. His memoir, It's So Easy (Simon & Schuster) is out now.
I've never been real good with the question of "What are your favorite 10 "desert-island" records". But, you know, if you're a resident of one of the Earth-like planets astronomers just discovered and are wondering what this rock and roll thing is all about, well ... here are 10 places to start.

Aerosmith, Aerosmith: With scrappy songs like "Make It" showing the earthiness of this band, the majestic track "Dream On" seems just so much bigger and more genius. From tip-to-stern, a kick-ass rock record.

Iggy and the Stooges, Raw Power: How can you lose here? "Search and Destroy" and "Raw Power" are two of the most dangerous rock songs of all time. This record sets a good tone for a new rocker. It'll shake out all of that bad taste in rock music. This record should act as a barometer.

Led Zeppelin. Oye!
Killing Joke, Killing Joke: Ah yes. Before there was a label attached to electronic music, Killing Joke just straight-up invented a genre and mastered it in the same breath. And yes, this IS a breathless record.

Queens Of The Stone Age, Rated R: If you are me, this record single-handedly saved rock and roll in the early 2000s. This record would have stood up against most in any era, but the timeliness of Rated R was a welcome relief from the drag and hum of the crap that was going on then.

Led Zeppelin, The Complete Led Zeppelin: Why mess around with just one of Led Zeppelin's records when you can get the whole deal in one go? This multi-disc musical tome includes live recordings that you'll be glad you have once you go completely Zeppelin-crazy!

Alice In Chains, Dirt: When four dudes from Seattle discovered a new thing of their own, they just simply began writing classic rock rocks songs right out of the starting gate. This first record completely annihilated everything else that was around then, and Dirt has stood the test of time very well indeed.

Prince, 1999: This was the one for me that made every other rock record at the time, seem small and almost obsolete and amateurish. There are so many different moods and grooves and "feels" on this record, that it can't ever possibly get old or be outdone.

Black Flag, My War: The punk rock bible.

Motorhead, Ace Of Spades: When this record came out, it blew everyone's minds. Whether you were into punk, metal, ska, or jazz-fusion, Motorhead arrived and united everything.

Queen, Sheer Heart Attack: If "Stone Cold Crazy were the whole make-up of this record, it'd still make this list. But every song of this record is an epic effort of song-craftsmanship and musical talent combined.

Rolling Stones, It's Only Rock and Roll: This record set the tone for what "cool" should sound like. "Short and Curlies"? Yeah. She got chu by the balls.

N.W.A., Straight Outta Compton: There are few timeless rap records from this era, but N.W.A. were more than just a band for the time. They had a message and found the sound to carry it forth. Bad as all hell.

The Clash, The Clash: One of the best records to come out of the UK ever. Yes, some of the messages on this record have been eclipsed by the passage of time...but it is like a majestic time capsule in those moments.

Yes, I know there are more than 10 records here, but I couldn't seem to stop. And yes, I know I left out a LOT of stuff here. The Beatles? Nirvana? The Damned? Sly and the Family Stone? Black Sabbath? And etc.... Next time, okay?

Happy Holidays, everyone! Be cool. Be kind. Help that old person back out of that crowded grocery store parking lot today. Get your face out of that iPhone or whatever gadget you've got. Smile. We are here and CAN make a difference.

Besides, Santa Claus IS watching y'all.


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