Guest Column: Grace McKagan on Lady Gaga, the Lady of the Year

Grace McKagan is a teenager who splits her time between LA and Seattle. Her father is a regular columnist for Seattle Weekly.

By Grace McKagan

Lady Gaga, the new queen of pop, is looked upon the general public as a young starlet who is materialistic and high maintenance because of her extensive wardrobe and lifestyle. In fact, she is an advocate for expressing one's self, not caring about what others may think, and not judging others by their exterior.

Lady Gaga is usually photographed wearing costumes that cost a fortune and this adds to the celebrity element of glitz and glamour. One of her most memorable costumes was one she wore from the earlier stages of her career, which was the famous bubble dress. The ensemble is now cloned for girls to wear as Halloween Costumes. Though, the look may not appeal to all of her fans, it is a message for creativity and originality and she chooses to express herself through her clothes, and personally. It is a fantastic idea that everyone should recognize.

The talented singer is a strong activist for full equality for everyone. Lady Gaga was a speaker at the National Equality March, which supports gay and lesbian rights.

Gaga uses equality as an influence for many of her hit songs, such as "Born This Way," off the album of the same name, released earliere this year, and will compete for Album of the Year honors at the Grammys. The lyrics demonstrate fairness, difference, and opportunity.

Lady Gaga is a great role model for expressing your self and living life to the fullest, despite what outsiders may believe. I personally believe she is here to stay for the next few generations and her positive influence will make a huge impact on society.

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