Glitterbanging: Happiness Is a Hot Beat

Panda Landa
The situation I'm at the Redwood on Capitol Hill feeding peanuts to my dog, James, and sharing beers with Nicki Danger and Joey Veneziani of the local electro-pop duo Glitterbang. Both are scene vets--Veneziani once played in the electronic band Ragazza; Danger in the indie-folk outfit Darlings of the Lo Fi. "Jodi, our mutual friend who introduced [Joey and I], was like, 'you're playing adult contemporary with a bunch of nerds,'" says Danger. "Techno is so much more fun. I'm not sad anymore, I don't want to play alt-country tear-in-your-beer music!"

How They Got Here Danger, who lives nearby with a Yorkie named Leroy, is about to head off for her shift at the Crescent Lounge, where she's worked as a bartender for the past six years and is permitted to spray down rowdy customers with her Coke gun. The wildest thing that she's witnessed in all those years? The time she had to kick out two dudes standing in front of the stage with their pants down giving each other hand jobs. "I was like, 'Put your wieners away and get out of my bar right now!,'" she says. "They got out, but they did not get off."

Shop Talk Glitterbang's a young band--they've been together for a little over a year and have released one single, the sparkling pop confection "Constable" with a B-side of "Piano Fight," both of which feature skittering beats and Danger's liquid-smooth vocals. The two agree that the cold winter months are a productive time for writing music. "I think about what kind of music I want to listen to in the summer and then [write] that in the winter," says Veneziani. "That's the trick."

"I haven't watched Netflix in three weeks. I deleted Words with Friends," says Danger. "I've been stuck on Ableton making beats."

BTW Veneziani says Glitterbang eventually wants to explore slower ballads and acoustic tracks, but for now he brands Glitterbang's music as "party rock," and Danger agrees that it's pure good-time music, adding that being in her 30s has allowed her to feel a sense of happiness. "It's all not being young and insecure and awkward," she says.

So, what happens if she's had a bad time or is feeling cranky before a show? "You teleport to the magic land of techno," she says.

Glitterbang plays Neumos with USF, Vox Mod, and DJ Self Actualized this Thursday, December 29. The show starts at 8 p.m. and there's a $7 cover.

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