End of a Chillwave Era: RIP, Altered Zones

miss u, Dharma Initiative
Yesterday, Pitchfork-affiliated blog Altered Zones--a sort of clearinghouse for chillwave, witchouse, and other marginal lo-fi or experimental genres--announced it would be shutting down this week after about a year and a half long run. "Altered What?" you ask. Exactly. Altered Zones started as a sort of aggregator of several extant music blogs, such as the excellent Brighton outpost 20 Jazz Funk Greats, cross-posting selected content from their sites as well as original material from their writers. The site was supported by Pitchfork (full disclosure: I contribute to Pitchfork) and/but tasked itself with covering music and artists generally not quite ready for P4K primetime. Or at least not yet ready, as it could also functioned as an early-warning system for out-world artists like Daniel Lopatin, John Maus, or James Ferraro. It was the hand silk-screened cassette to Pitchfork's 180-gram vinyl.

But who the hell has a tape player anymore?

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