Reverb Monthly's Year in Music: 59 Local Reviews, Leroy Bell, Roderick's Top Album of 2011, and the Woman Behind Macklemore

In the fourth issue of Reverb Monthly -- Seattle Weekly's new music pub that you can find inside the Weekly and at select locations -- we dedicate the pages to the a look back at the year in Seattle music. It includes ...

-- 59 Local Record Review: The most comprehensive snapshot of the Seattle music scene.

-- John Roderick Takes Your Questions: "Indie rockers are the biggest crybabies known to man!"

-- Pontification: The quality of music remains high, but nothings defining a new movement or new sound or idea.

-- Lisssssssts: The 2011 Seattle Records We'll Still Be Listening to in 2021

And lots, lots more. Pick up a copy now (inside the current Weekly) or read it all at

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