What's Old, Gray, And Way Past Its Prime? I Mean, Besides Metallica And Lou Reed

That big ugly elevated road thing!
That's right: our beloved crumbling, car-carrying monstrosity, which linked narcotic-hot corner Belltown to sports stadium/strip club/wholesale grocery outlet hotbed SoDo--making manageable an otherwise time-consuming bulk-mac-and-cheese-to-crack-rock-supplier run for any nudie-bar patron running into "extra innings"--has finally come crashing down. Here to capture the nostalgia is local hip hop group The GNU Deal, who recently eulogized The Viaduct with their new song..."The Viaduct".

"It's a bit of a metaphor isn't it?/This old bridge is the independent music business." Some hundred-brick of frozen hot dogs (or free cheddar sample if you rather) for thought brought to you by TGD MCs AMFM and Koala T. Either way, they're funny guys who found inspiration in grief when they were confronted with the reality of the demise of their favorite scenic drive. What do y'all think?

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