What Local Releases Are We Missing For December's Reverb Monthly?

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Mathew Ellis
King Dude
Hope you've caught up on all of November's local releases--the latest edition of Reverb Monthly's quest to review every release from a Seattle band and/or Seattle label--because we're already moving on to December!

Below is a list of what we've got scheduled so far--these are either December releases or past months' releases that we've missed (oops). See anything missing? The onus is on you, as of this blog post. Email us at reverbreviews@seattleweekly.com and fill us in--give us your band's name, the album/EP/single title, and preferably a download code of said music.

Kyle R. Andrews, Trial By Fire

Bleached, "Searching Through The Past" b/w "Electric Chair"

Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers, Between the Bed Sheets and Turpentine

Consignment, New Low

Chris Cornell, Songbook

Robert Deeble, Heart Like Feathers

Shelby Earl, Burn the Boats

Empire of Sleep, Empire of Sleep

Rachel Flotard, "Hammered Light"

Gladiators Eat Fire, Psychedelic Hogwash

The Grizzled Mighty, The Grizzled Mighty

Lizzie Huffman, Lizzie Huffman and Her Brother Band

King Dude, Love

LAKE, "Gravel" 7 " w/ Selector Dub Narcotic

Brad Loomis, Under the August Sky

Morphine, Cure For Pain re-release

Nice Nate, Iller Sampler

Sandrider, Sandrider

Tender Forever, Where We Are From

This Will Destroy You, "Black Dunes (edit)" b/w "Black Dunes (Holy Other's Woman in the Dunes Mix)"

Zero Down, Good Times At the Gates of Hell

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