Monogamy Party's Debut 10'' EP "Pus City" Is A Gritty, Well-Crafted, Noise-Rock Wonderland

Pus City.jpg

Monogamy Party

Pus City 10" EP

11/15, Good To Die Records

In a recent Reverb post, Todd Hamm rightly pointed that Seattle's newest hard rock imprint Good To Die Records is stockpiling a roster of some of Seattle's heaviest-hitting noise rock bands like Absolute Monarchs and most recently, Brokaw. Currently emerging within those ranks is Monogamy Party, a three piece drum/bass/vocals outfit with enough vim, piss, and vinegar to single handedly fuel the label's straightforward, all-or-nothing approach to hard rock music.

Their debut EP (currently streaming here) is appropriately titled "Pus City," a Chris Proff produced (Strong Killings, Mercy Ties, Ravenna Woods) six track release recalling the vocal blitz of These Arms Are Snakes' front man Steve Snere and the brooding bass tones of Fugazi. The overall sound is driving and expansive, as with dark, anthemic opener "Never To Rise," echoing Black Flag and Chili Peppers in its deep, bass driven arrangement and barrage of clipped vocals. "Hard Feelings" follows suit with a percolating bass line, metal distortion, and spewed, lyrical hailstorm.

With sonic textures and influences across the board, Monogamy Party offers up bass heavy, post-hardcore rock with a punk driven edge; hopefully "Pus City" has laid the foundation for more of the same when the band returns with a full length release.

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