Lennon's Tooth and ScarJo's Tissue: The 10 Weirdest Music Celebrity Auctions of All Time

RIP to the King of Pop
This week we learned that the bed upon which Michael Jackson drew his last breath will not be auctioned in a sale of furniture and other personal effects belonging to the King of Pop, as was reported last week. Gee, why the restraint, Julien's Auctions? That morbid memento may not be heading to the block, but plenty other weird items belonging to famous musicians have been sold at auction. There's no telling what deranged fans-- or charity-minded rich folks-- will pay for such personal memorabilia. In order of the amount they garnered, here are the ten most bizarre music celeb auctions.

10. Michael Jackson's deathbed

Because this never came to auction, it unfortunately has to take last place. But it would definitely be first on the list of creepy celeb effects to be auctioned. Also, let it be known that Googling pictures of Jackson is extremely disturbing, regardless of deathbed status.

9. Scarlett Johansson's used tissue

The movie star, who makes an appearance on this list by dint of her two albums, Anywhere I Lay My Head and Break Up, blew her nose during an appearance on The Tonight Show in 2008. The used Kleenex was auctioned off by host Jay Leno and raised $2,075 for the charity USA Harvest.

8. Justin Timberlake's leftover french toast

In 2006, Timberlake and radio station Z-100 auctioned the *NSYNC singer's leftover breakfast. A 19-year-old fan bought the french toast remainders for $3,154, and declared her plan to "freeze-dry it, then seal it... then put it on my dresser." Okay.

Stephen Giang
7. Katy Perry's cupcake trampoline

If that headline doesn't make much sense to you, you're not alone. You see, pop superstar Katy Perry has a trampoline shaped like a giant cupcake that she uses in her California Gurls tour. In April, she auctioned it to aid the relief effort in Japan after the country's devastating earthquake and tsunami the month before. It sold for $4,966. But the winner won't be able to pick up their prize until the end of the tour in January 2012.

Marcella D. Volpintesta
6. Britney Spears' used chewing gum

If you're wondering at this point why your favorite indie band isn't on the list, it's simply a matter of demand. How much would you pay for John Darnielle's guitar pick? Or better yet, a private performance by Jeff Mangum? Sure, they could go for a lot under the right circumstances, but more likely to fetch a pretty penny is a piece of Brit's ABC gum, which sold for $14,000 in 2004.

5. William Shatner's kidney stone

The man behind the incredible cover of Pulp's "Common People" successfully sold his kidney stones for $25,000 to GoldenPalace.com, an online casino known for its fondness for auctions-- they also placed the winning bid for the grilled cheese sandwich with the purported image of the Virgin Mary. The money was donated to charity.

4. John Lennon's rotten tooth

The Beatle's decayed tooth, which he apparently gave to his housekeeper back in the '60s (gee... thanks?) recently garnered 19,500 pounds, or about 31,200 U.S. dollars. The winning bidder? A Canadian dentist.

3. Justin Bieber's hair

After talk show host Ellen DeGeneres requested a lock of the Bieb's hair for her birthday, the piece of the tween star's famous bangs was auctioned on eBay to the tune of $40,668. The proceeds benefited an animal-welfare charity.

2. Daft Punk's Ferrari

Okay, this one is just sweet. In the same auction for Japan relief in which Katy Perry raffled her cupcake trampoline, French electronic auteurs Daft Punk sold their famous black 1987 Ferrari from their movie Electroma for nearly $42,000.

1. Elvis' hair

The King's raven-hued tresses fetched $115,120 in 2002, making the clippings the second-highest celebrity hair sale of all time. (Yes, there is an article detailing the top celeb hair sales... it turns out first place is held by Che Guevara. Huh.)

Know of another weird celebrity auction item? Add it in the comments!

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