Haunted Horses' Two-Song Oblivion Is a Terrifying, Apocalyptic Fireball of a Record

Haunted Horses, the pairing of guitarist/vocalist Colin Dawson and drummer Myke Pelly (also of Footwork), makes experimental music that befits their moniker--spooky and unsettling atmospherics atop muscular, galloping instrumentals. In September, Haunted Horses had the auspicious honor of being the only band featured in a New York Times slideshow called "Seattle, Post Grunge" that otherwise included photos of Kurt Cobain's Denny-Blaine house and visitors to EMP's Nirvana exhibit. The Haunted Horses photo shows Dawson's back in the foreground at an August show at the Black Lodge while some serious-looking fans look on.

Haunted Horses' latest release is Oblivion, which contains the clanging, apocalyptic "The Ivory Horn" and the chugging fireball of a track "Star Arcs." If you want to hear more of the band's recent work, check out Oblivion's companion, the three-song Mirrored Orbifolds.

Your next chance to see Haunted Horses live is at Cairo's fourth annual Expo Festival, which this year is running from Thursday, December 8 to Sunday, December 11. Haunted Horses is playing on Saturday, December 10, on an absolutely killer bill that also includes Stephanie, Witch Gardens, Idle Times, Stickers, M. Women, and Pleasure Beauties. (Check out all the details for Expo on Facebook).

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