Damien Jurado's Latest Stylistic Swerve, the Psych-Tinged "Nothing is the News"


To his inestimable credit, Damien Jurado hasn't shied away from reinventing himself over the course of his decade-and-a-half long career--from acoustic singer-songwriter to found sound collagist to electric rock to the studio rich '60s pop sound of last year's Saint Bartlett. His latest single, "Nothing is the News" off the forthcoming Maraqopa, finds the Seattle stalwart chasing his muse down another unexpected alley, into swirling, slightly fried psychedelia. Like Saint Bartlett, the song was co-produced with Richard Swift, but it hops about a decade ahead--and some substances sideways--of where that album left off. It's a testament to Jurado's easy, mournful singing voice and his solidity as a songwriter that he can make such stylistic jumps sound immediately like his own.

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