5 Quick Thoughts on Rhino/LITA's Magnificent Bobby Charles Re-Issue

Artist: Bobby Charles

Release: Bobby Charles re-issue

Label: Rhino Handmade/Light In the Attic

Release Date: Dec. 15

1. The high point on Bobby Charles' self-titled record is "I Must Be In a Good Place Now". This found, 1972 gem, ranks high among the underappreciated singles of its era. Charles never enjoyed even the moderate stardom of, say, Harry Nilsson, but the tunes here share in the latter's way of being comforting without being gratuitous, and catchy without being grating. In other words: great, long-tail pop music.

2. I have a greater appreciation for the tastes of Vetiver, who covered "I Must Be In a Good Place Now," on their 2008 Sub Pop release, Thing Of the Past.

3. The Light in the Attic guys always make me feel like a dumbshit for not having records in my collection/rotation already. This one if no exception. They're working in tandem with Rhino Handmade on this release.

4. Aaaaa, ha! So this is how Eric Clapton has been trying to sing all these years.

5. This deluxe release -- hard-bound, massive liner notes, three discs -- is technically for in-stores only. It's already digital, and it's already been available online. For those of you who snark at the supposed antiquated notion of going to the record store to buy a record, well, eat your heart out.

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