Today's Rap Recommendation: Listen to New Khingz Track "Monster's Lib"; Look Forward to Liberation of the Monster

Khingz got a haircut!

"Black heart like crack crystal/It's jagged and it cut inside/Yeah my anger was a lit pistol/but your silence is a form of genocide"

One of Seattle's most prized lyricists, the newly (at least since his last photo shoot) clean cut Khingz returns with "Monster's Lib", the first single from his upcoming album Liberation Of The Monster, out October 27th on Vancouver-based Wandering Worx Music

The beat (produced by the album's lone producer, Vancouver's Rel!g!on) vaguely reminds of Zion I's classic cut "Critical", which is a great thing, and Khingz's personal, clearly enunciated lyrics are part romantic, part cryptic culture-wading, and as always, well done.

Other exciting Khingz news includes word that he is working on an EP with big-time local producer Bean One, and a full-length with Vitamin D. Keep your ears peeled.

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