Today Reverb Recommends Catching "The Factory: NW Hip-Hop Redefined," Part of City Arts Fest


The gang over at Members Only (along with Reign City and, of course, City Arts) have put together a pretty incredible rap experiment for the people tonight as part of the City Arts Festival called The Factory: NW Hip-Hop Redefined. Local MCs and producers were selected at random and lumped into three-member groups who then set out to come up with an original song that will be performed tonight at the Fred Wildlife Refuge space on Capitol Hill.

There are some extremely interesting pairings. For instance, I'm looking especially hard at the Rik Rude x Malice Sweet x 10-4 Rog team, the Nacho Picasso x Reva Devito x P Smoov conglomerate, the Katie Kate x Luck One x Bean One bloc, and the Isabella Du Graf x The Good Sin x Vitamin D bundle. Of course, there will be some surprise gems, so I fully recommend getting there when the thing starts at 11pm, or even grabbing an advance ticket here.

Check the full Factory lineup here.


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