Through @ 2: The Terrordactyls on LOLcats, Wonder Pets, and Beargendas

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Michael's Aunt Jackie
The situation I'm drinking beers at Capitol Hill's Honey Hole with the Terrordactyls--Michael Cadiz, Kellen Rack, and Tyrel Stendahl, who've all known each other since their high-school days on Vashon Island. Cadiz sang Aerosmith's "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" at Stendahl's wedding last month; the song was meant to be a surprise, but, says Stendahl, "I found the lyrics in my car one day, so I kind of knew. I was excited."

How They Got Here Stendahl is a designer at Cheezburger Network (yes, LOLcats), and it's not his first experience working with cute animals--he and Cadiz spent a couple of years in New York working for Nickelodeon's The Wonder Pets, a musical TV show about baby animals that live in a preschool. Part of Cadiz' job was party planning and organizing the show's address book. "I know where Big Bird lives, where Elmo lives," he says.

Shop Talk This past spring, the Terrordactyls officially released Rage Mountain, a full-length they'd been working on for three years. It features acoustic guitar and a toy piano, and one song starts with a few bars of "Meow meow meow meow." Of a review that Vice Germany once gave them, Cadiz says, "We don't speak German so we did Google Translate, and it said something to the effect of us being 'a pile of morons.'"

But they're already moving past all that. They now play as a full electric band, with a beefier sound. "I think I got a little embarrassed with some of the stuff [that was] a little too cutesy," says Cadiz. "[The songs are] still fantastical in a way, but also rooted in reality a little bit more." That said, one new song is called "Beargenda," about life as a bear. Appropriately, Chris Ballew of the Presidents/Caspar Babypants makes a guest appearance singing on the track.

BTW: Another song on the new album (already titled Rage Mountain 2) is called "Sad Pizza," and none of the Terrordactyls wrote it. "We stole it from a really, really high kid we played a house show in Indiana with," says Cadiz.

"He played these super-thoughtful, pretty folk songs," says Stendahl. "We were all dumbfounded. And then he played this song called 'Sad Pizza.'"

"It was burned into our soul," says Cadiz. They found a video of the kid playing "Sad Pizza" on YouTube, memorized the lyrics and guitar parts, and made it a Terrordactyls song.

"It's always a favorite," says Rack. "People love 'Sad Pizza.'"

The Terrordactyls play the Comet Tavern with Sharkie and Worrier next Tuesday, October 18. The show starts at 9 p.m. and costs $5.

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