Roger Daltrey's Looking for a New Collaborator: "If Anyone's Got Some Great Ideas or Great Songs, Get In Touch With My Management"

This morning I was on a conference call with Roger Daltrey, who's bringing The Who's rock opera, Tommy, to KeyArena on October 25. Pete Townshend, he said, was kicking around the idea of taking the Who's Quadrophenia on tour next year. When I asked Daltrey -- admittedly not the songwriter that Townsend is -- why the two were pursuing records from the past rather than new works, he said that it was probably because Townsend hadn't written a new record.

As for doing something new, away from the Who, Daltrey said he was more than open to new opportunities.

"I'd love to find someone to collaborate with. I haven't gotten any ideas. I'd love to do something with Eddie Vedder, for instance." Vedder joined Daltrey on stage at the Showbox in 2009. "He's a good writer, too and a good friend, too."

What surprised me -- and maybe it shouldn't have -- is that it didn't seem like Daltrey is fielding many requests. He says he doesn't hear from many bands or artists looking for him to come into the studio. I know he's an intimidating figure, but with Daltrey's primary songwriter (Townsend) suffering from serious hearing loss, and possibly sidelined for a good while, this seems like a golden opportunity for someone talented and ambitious to give Daltrey a call.

"If anyone's got some great ideas or great songs," he said, "get in touch with my management."

It's not such a crazy thought, guys. Remember when Travis' Fran Healy got Paul McCartney to play bass on his solo record?

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