7" Single : "Don't Lead With Your Heart" B/W "Ideas of March"

Artist : Stag

Label : Fin Records

The Video : This STAR-STUDDED effort


Stag's "Don't Lead With Your Heart" Single Is Almost as Much Fun as Its New Video

7" Single: "Don't Lead With Your Heart" B/W "Ideas of March"

Artist: Stag

Label: Fin Records

The Video: This STAR-STUDDED effort includes face time with Reverb scribe John Roderick, and the Fastbacks' Kurt Bloch.

This local supergroup featuring longtime vets like Linsoln Barr and Ben London mine Petty and the Posies on this too-short, seven-inch single. Who says straight-ahead rock and roll has no home in Seattle!?

What? You want a longer review? I want a longer record! (Though I applaud any release that's all killer, no filler. And more bands could stand to put out singles and EPs rather than middling LPs. OK, I like this single just the way it is.)

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