Only a few months into its run, Seattle hard =0rock label Good To Die Records has announced the signing of its fourth band, local rockers


Good To Die Records Is Stockpiling Rock Talent, But What's Next for Seattle's Newest Heavy-Rock Label?


Only a few months into its run, Seattle hard =0rock label Good To Die Records has announced the signing of its fourth band, local rockers Brokaw, who will join top-notch groups Absolute Monarchs, Sandrider, and Monogamy Party on the roster. I've been trying to pin down the kind of geographical range and visibility the label will have once its bands start cranking out records, and gain some insight as to the logistics of a model where, so far, they've stockpiled bands before they've had a chance to recycle the revenue from their initial releases. For answers, I turned to GTD founder and big-wig CEO Nik Christofferson:

I have around 7 or 8 releases, ranging from full lengths to 7"s planned (including the 4 already announced) over the next year. Depending on how those go, the dream is to do as much as possible for as long as possible, but I'm really happy with where my roster is right now and where it is going in the near future. Good to Die is a vinyl/digital label, but in some rare cases there will be a CD release or two and I'd love to do cassettes as well. I am very adamant about giving bands full artistic freedom, and typically that means not locking them into any long-term commitments, not to mention a majority of the artists are releasing their very first recordings on Good to Die, so nobody including myself is thinking about a second and third record at this juncture.

At first Good to Die LP's will be stocked in the majority of local record stores and [be] available for mail order online. I have been offered a distribution deal by one of my top choices for distribution companies, which I'm really stoked about, though I'm currently weighing my options concerning taking that leap so early in the game. [...] Each of my bands has a growing local following, and it only makes sense to put resources and efforts into further building that following as well as awareness of my bands and the label itself locally first. There are plenty of heavy music fans in Seattle and the NW who are still in the dark about some of the killer underground talent playing local clubs. I intend on finding those people and getting them out to a show or two, and hopefully they have a damn turntable.

A big test for the label will be the upcoming November 15th release of Monogamy Party's label debut Pus City EP (you can preview and pre-order the vinyl only, six-track release here). With the heavy vinyl push, the label might appear to be going for a rather specialty, die-hard niche, but as Christofferson mentions, many of the releases will also be available digitally--and at a presumably lower price--making them more widely accessible.

This write-up has been modified for pricing and genre-labeling accuracy.

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