10 Artists Roger Daltrey Should Work With (Other Than Pete Townshend)

Last week, we learned that Who frontman Roger Daltrey is on the lookout for new collaborators, telling Reverb: "If anyone's got some great ideas or great songs, get in touch with my management."

At 67, Daltrey's a legend in his own right and still has great vocal abilities. He was never The Who's primary songwriter, so his future collaborators need to bring strong songwriting skills to the table. We can imagine any number of great musicians to team up with, but off the top of our head, here are 10 people we'd love to see him work with in the near future. Now, who has his manager's number?

10. Beth Ditto

The Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O is already booked, working with Trent Reznor for the sure-to-be-successful soundtrack to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But in a similar vein, we could see Daltrey tapping Gossip singer Beth Ditto's disco-punk stylings for brilliant results. Tommy, round two, anyone?

9. Jack White

Jack White is the new T. Bone Burnett as far as rehabilitating once-powerhouse stars' careers and restoring them to their rightful place in the pantheon. He did it for Loretta Lynn and Wanda Jackson, and with a clear reverence for classic rock (see: It Might Get Loud), he could do it for Daltrey, too.

8. The Foo Fighters

Back in February, Daltrey sang with Dave Grohl and company at Britain's NME Awards on The Who's track "Young Man Blues," which The Foos frequently cover live. That performance was spontaneous, but who's to say the same magic couldn't be captured on record?

7. Eddie Vedder

Daltrey mentioned in our conversation that he would like to collaborate with Pearl Jam's Vedder, who joined him on stage at the Showbox in 2009.

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6. Robert Plant

The Led Zeppelin frontman has never stopped working, but his career lately sports renewed energy. He released a well-received solo album, Band of Joy, last year, and many people have yet to kick Raising Sand, 2007's collection of duets with Alison Krauss, out of their CD players. Daltrey and Plant have two of the best voices in rock history. Plus, they both sport luscious blond curls-- perhaps the album cover could be a recreation of Heart's Dreamboat Annie. But the real question is, could the two rock gods' egos even fit in the same room?

5. Adele

Speaking of Raising Sand, how killer would a duet between Daltrey and Britain's new vocal powerhouse, Adele, be? He's already aware of her talents, saying " I love Adele. That's a lead singer, that's the real deal." But better do it quick before we succumb to "Rolling in the Deep" fatigue.

4. Beady Eye

Daltrey admires Oasis singer Liam Gallagher and tapped his new band, Beady Eye, to play a benefit show for the Teenage Cancer Trust earlier this year. Though the younger Gallagher brother is notoriously difficult to work with, Daltrey told Absolute Radio, "I've always found him an absolute sweetheart... After Keith Moon and Pete Townshend everything's easy, let me tell you."

3. The Weeknd

Sexy, dirty, modern, and popular with the Pitchfork set-- Daltrey's vocals over The Weeknd's beats could be the next "Not in Love," Crystal Castles' cover of the Platinum Blonde song featuring vocals by The Cure's Robert Smith that caused a blog sensation last year.

2. Beirut

Horns + Balkan folk + Daltrey = heaven.

1. Your choice

Who do you think Roger Daltrey should work with next? Add your vote in the comments!

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