Watch Jessica Dobson Shred Pink Floyd's "Breathe" With the Shins on Jimmy Fallon

This week, Jimmy Fallon's paying homage to Pink Floyd with a series of tribute performances; last night the Shins kicked off the week with a cover of Dark Side's "Breathe." James Mercer does an admirable job with the song's vocals, but watching the video, I'm paying more attention to Reverb's homegirl Jessica Dobson on stage right in the bright red blouse and miniskirt. Hit the 2:30 minute mark to see Dobson wail on "Breathe"'s guitar solo. If Seattle has a more badass guitarist, I haven't met her or him yet.

FYI, Fallon's Floyd tribute continues tonight with the Foo Fighters performing The Wall's "In the Flesh" with Roger Waters himself; on Wednesday MGMT will cover Piper at the Gates of Dawn's "Lucifer Sam;" on Thursday country musician Dierks Bentley will play his rendition of "Wish You Were Here;" and Pearl Jam will cap the week on Friday with The Wall's "Mother."

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