Today Reverb Recommends You Go See Branford Marsalis and Request Some Lil Wayne

I've been blogging a lot about my conversation with saxophonist/tyrant Branford Marsalis lately--see an extended excerpt from our conversation in this week's paper, or right over here--and tonight he finally makes it to town for a 7:30 p.m. set at Jazz Alley, where he'll be through Sunday. He'll also be on KUOW tomorrow, where he will be teed up by Steve Scher on Weekday, which should be more entertaining than today's show on jury duty.

One last excerpt here from our conversation. Here's Marsalis reacting to a reviewer who called him a "democratic bandleader" because he's recorded songs written by members of his band, not just his own charts.

"I'm not [democratic]. I'm a fucking tyrant! I will only pick songs because they're the best songs. And I don't care where the songs come from. They can come Jeff "Tain" Watts, they can come from Gershwin, they can come from Little Wayne. I don't give a fuck where they come from."

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