Today Reverb Recommends Saving Friday for Richard J. Dalton's Birthday Party

No biggie, it's just Lady Gaga mugging with Richard J. Dalton.
All too often, nightclubs try to garner attention and increase patronage by offering you the chance to party with a "celebrity." A more specific example: How many times has Munchbar boasted of appearances by D-listers like Mario Lopez and Jersey Shore's Sammy "Sweetheart"? Most of the time, you get a glimpse of the so-called famous person and an awkward two-minute meet-and-greet during which you take a super-contrived photo, then never see that person again.

A way cooler way to party with someone spectacular is to head to Neighbours this Friday. C89.5 FM on-air personality Richard J. Dalton is both spinning and celebrating his birthday there starting at 10 p.m. But take my word when I say that he mingles with his listeners and hardy partiers as happily as he does huge pop stars. So be sure to pencil RJD's birthday into your plans this Friday night. The notorious Seattle DJ hails originally from New Jersey, but I guarantee he is more fun than anybody you could ever meet from the shore.

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