Through @ 2: Fuzzy Cloaks Talk Crabs, Cowboys, and Insane Clown Posse

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Cara Raymond
The situation I'm at Vito's on First Hill with Scott Yoder, Stefan Rubicz, and Woody Brenton of the psych-rock trio Fuzzy Cloaks; we're having drinks while 90-year-old jazz veteran Ruby Bishop is playing the piano and singing lounge music in the corner. Just minutes ago, Fuzzy Cloaks arrived in Seattle from a 10-day tour down the West Coast; last night they camped out on the Oregon coast, where they shared beers and fresh crabs with some local fishermen.

"Have you ever eaten so many crabs you got a crab high?" Yoder asks. I'm forced to admit that I haven't.

How They Got Here The three Cloaks all live in a converted orphanage in the Central District with a cat named Peep. Yoder and Rubicz have both worked as burrito-makers at Bimbo's for years. "We're great cooks. The cream of the crop," says Rubicz. "Some people say that we're the best there."

Brenton only recently relocated to Seattle from New York City, where he worked as an extra on Ugly Betty and Lipstick Jungle. Tonight, he's actually kind of in costume; sporting a jean jacket, a bandanna around his neck, and a white cowboy hat he found in Tijuana, he resembles another Woody--the one from Toy Story. Yoder's also giving off a cowboy vibe with a bolo tie and a turquoise pendant. "I got this at Walmart," he says.

Shop Talk Yoder and Rubicz are also in the garage-pop band The Pharmacy, and Fuzzy Cloaks is a side project of theirs that's only been around for about two months. They've got a cassette tape out called Solar Hits, and plan to do more recording in the near future. Fuzzy Cloaks differs from The Pharmacy in that it's "a lot less structured," says Yoder. "It's less thought out, kind of more jammy. Woody brings the Grateful Dead vibes." They've been playing a new song live that doesn't even have lyrics, but Yoder says "We put so much reverb on our vocals that it kind of doesn't matter."

BTW: How does Fuzzy Cloaks stave off boredom while on the road for hours? "We have this mask in the car, it's a sequined skull," says Brenton, "and we wear it on the road and mime ICP lyrics."

Fuzzy Cloaks headline the Comet Tavern on Sunday, October 2; the show is $6 and also features Apollos, WaMu, and Monarchies.

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