The Sixth Boise Band to Hear Right Now (Really, Stop What You're Doing): Brother Dan


Our friend Eric Gilbert of the Boise band Finn Riggins turned us on to a batch of his colleagues this week. And it's absolutely clear that there's something brewing in that oft-forgotten, isolated city (remind you of anyone?).

One of the five Boise bands Gilbert recommended is Atomic Mama, a band that's playing with Finn at Vera Project on Saturday. While AM's a solid band, I'm absolutely taken by AM member Daniel Kerr's other project, Brother Dan.

His debut, The Orb, is full of delicious, modern nods to Zeppelin's intensely mellow acoustic numbers. See "Dying Bed" (above) for a quick example. But Kerr's no one-trick pony. There's plenty of electronic dabbling, falsetto, and indie-rock tendencies.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this record (below) from top to bottom a couple times and watch it win you over. This thing must be consumed in its entirety to really sink in.

One more single to hear:

OK, here's the whole record:

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