Read Greg's review of the show here (although, that stuff about hyperbole is LITERALLY THE WORST THING I'VE EVER READ--OF ALL TIME)--it is a 100%


The Best Part of Catching About 50% of Archers of Loaf's Set on Friday Was Being About 50% of an Archers of Loaf Fan

Read Greg's review of the show here (although, that stuff about hyperbole is LITERALLY THE WORST THING I'VE EVER READ--OF ALL TIME)--it is a 100% accurate report from a guy I assume to be a 100% Archers of Loaf fan, but I have a different perspective. For one thing, I only caught about the last half of their show (I was running over from DJing at an empty discotheque). For another, I'm only about half of an Archers of Loaf fan: I love love LOVE Icky Mettle, have for years, and will evangelize about it ad nauseam, but, perversely, it's the only Archers of Loaf album I know.* I don't know why I've never gotten around to the rest of their work; it's a mystery. And while I spent all day Friday thinking I should bone up on the rest of the band's catalogue, not knowing their other music had an unexpected upside: it allowed me to enjoy a reunion set by an ensconced indie act not only with a warm glow of nostalgia but also a sense of real, if belated discovery.

So I only heard two songs I knew in the back half of the set--the caustic, hectoring "Slow Worm" in the encore, and the giddy, yearning nonsense of "Web in Front"**--the latter of which alone would've been worth anything to see live. Awesome. All I ever wanted. Etc. Everything sounded just right: Eric Bachmann's unhinged yowl, that high-fretted guitar feedback. But then I got to hear what all the rest of the fuss was about: the brick-stupid fun sing-along of "the underground is overcrowded"; the 1-2 encore punch of "Audiowhore" and "Harnessed in Slums"; the burn-the-fucking-house down pre-encore closer "Nostalgia" (a rather, ahem, *arch* song with which to end the set proper). I have a lot of catching up to do, and I can't wait.

Two more favorite things . . .

1. The crowd-surfing: Not just any crowd-surfing, but crowd-surfing entirely composed of balding, bearded 30-something dudes. Adorbs.

2. The giant hole that opened in the back of the crowd toward the end of the set, possibly caused by a surprisingly wide spray of vomit on the floor. Maybe Greg's right--maybe indie rock really was more dangerous before the Internet ruined everything.

*True story: I think I wound up buying this album because I couldn't remember if a song I'd heard on the radio was by Archers of Loaf or Fountains of Wayne, and I grabbed Icky Mettle of the two on a whim, maybe based on its sketchy collage cover (though it would be many more years before I got its Studs Terkel reference).

**My buddy at the show that night didn't know Archers of Loaf at all--hadn't known who we were going to go see even--but he knew something I didn't: that "Web in Front" had been featured on the soundtrack to Mallrats.

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