You gotta hand it to Jon Huntsman. At least his Nirvana reference in last night's GOP presidential election debate was pegged to "All Apologies," and


Seriously, the 2012 Presidential Election Conversation Should Smell More Like Teen Spirit* and Less Like a Nursing Home

You gotta hand it to Jon Huntsman. At least his Nirvana reference in last night's GOP presidential election debate was pegged to "All Apologies," and not "Smells Like Teen Spirit," one of the most overplayed pop-culture nods of the last 20 years. However, there should be more talk about policies that will ensure jobs and a healthy future for today's teens and 20-somethings, the people who, you know, are on the hook to foot the bill for their parents and grandparents' health care in the long haul.

The same politicians--especially the class of candidates in the GOP field who say ObamaCare's mandated health insurance is unconstitutional--who will stop at nothing to preserve GUARANTEED, GOVERNMENT-MANDATED HEALTH INSURANCE (Medicare) for the elderly, will come up with EVERY POSSIBLE REASON to smack down guaranteed, government-mandated health insurance for people between the age of 18 and 65 (ish).

How is it that guaranteed health care--through government-mandated health insurance (Medicare)--for the elderly is a sacred cow and guaranteed health care for teens and 20-somethings, etc., is off the table? BECAUSE TEENS AND 20-SOMETHINGS DON'T VOTE! IF THEY DID, POLITICIANS WOULD HAVE TO DO THEIR BIDDING.

I've sent notes to all the GOP presidential candidates (OK, I'm behind, and haven't pinged Camp Perry), asking them all a series of identical questions about music, pop culture, etc. At the end of the list, I include a couple of policy questions. I haven't heard back from any of them (I know, shocker). But here are the questions I want answered from the presidential field:

1. I'm 29 years old. Under your plan for entitlement reform, how old would I have to be before I can draw full Social Security benefits? Will the amount I receive partially depend on the income, savings, and other "means" I bring to retirement? In other words, would I be means-tested?

2. You support the continued existence of Medicare. According to, Medicare is "insurance that helps cover inpatient care in hospitals, skilled nursing facility, hospice, and home health care." A portion of every one of my paychecks is deducted for Medicare. This is something I can't control. I have to have this deducted. I have to pay for this "insurance." Can we agree that this is government-mandated health insurance? And if so, why should it only be the elderly who are mandated to have health insurance, and not everyone?


*(Note: For those of you who are teenagers, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" was a hit song in 1991 and 1992 that was released by Nirvana, a group of Aberdeen/Olympia/Seattle punks who slew hair metal with their 1991 major-label debut, Nevermind.)

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