Ravenna Woods Unexpectedly Goes Electronic With Stres' Spacy "Graves" Remix

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Dan Poss
When worlds collide.
The acoustic stylings of Ravenna Woods and synthesizers aren't two elements you'd automatically put together, but they do come together quite nicely in the new remix of of the band's "Graves." The original track, off the band's Valley of Headless Men EP, contains all of the traditional Ravenna Woods trademarks--frenetic fingerpicking, sudden tempo changes, a creepy tinkling toy piano, a moody aura.

The remix of "Graves" by Josh Bolof, alias Stres (same guy who created the beat for Witch Gardens' hip-hop jam "G.A.M.E.S."), is barely recognizable from the original track--the keyed-up agitation is completely replaced by a smooth and steady atmosphere, thanks to some glowing synthesizers. Stres ties the two versions together by keeping and even amping up the ghostly feel of the original song by considerably slowing down the tempo and isolating the spacy vocals.

Stres' "Graves" remix is now available for free download on Ravenna Woods' bandcamp. Ravenna Woods next plays live at the Tractor Tavern on Saturday, October 1.

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