On Dude York's Joyfully Raucous Satanic Vs. EP

Yesterday Dude York--the local trio of Peter Richards, Andrew Hall, and Alex Cassidy--dropped a four-song EP called Satanic Vs., the follow-up to their Gangs of Dude York full-length. Satanic Vs. isn't quite as sinister as its title may imply--the name is a reference to a dinner Richards had with Salman Rushdie--the EP is actually premised as a friendly and intimate affair. Its four tracks are each named after people close to the Dude York camp--"David" and "Bryan" are close friends, "Isabel" is the artist Isabel Blue, Richards' girlfriend and the band's "primary aesthetic advisor," and "Kerry" is Richards' dad.

Satanic Vs. continues along the same rowdy and rambling path that Dude York first set forth on Gangs of Dude York. "David," the EP's joyful opener and best track, bursts forward with a deliciously squealing guitar line; "Isabel" keeps things rushing along via an insistently fast tempo, Richards' hoarse vocals, and some sweet but naughty lyrics; "Bryan" sounds like the sonic equivalent of a pummeling hangover headache; and the shambling "Kerry" only barely dares to slow things down and bring the EP to a close. The entirety of Satanic Vs. clocks in at a headlong 9 minutes, 6 seconds, but you might still feel the need for a breather after it's all over.

Satanic Vs. is streaming in full on Bandcamp right now. Dude York is next playing live on Thursday, September 22 at the Rendezvous. They'll also be playing SW's Reverb Festival on Saturday, October 8.

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