Listen to Three Previously Unreleased Nirvana Recordings From Next Tuesday's Nevermind Re-Release

Super-deluxe edition

Listen to them on 107.7 The End's site here.

Sometimes you forget how cool the rest of the world thought Nirvana was, then you see them plastered all over big national outlets because three shoddy recordings of already-released songs have surfaced. What am I saying? You never forgot how cool everyone thought Nirvana was, because you never forgot how cool they were, and made fun of out-of-towners for their elementary band trivia and whatnot.

Well, these unreleased versions are actually pretty cool, so you can put your guard down. This version of "Breed" was apparently recorded at Nevermind-producer Butch Vig's Smart Studios in Madison, Wisc. "I'm on a Plain" is in an especially low-fi recording here, and ends with a cool little bit of Novoselic jamming at the end, as opposed to the harmonic moans from the studio version. The "Smells Like Teen Spirit" version was taken from a Halloween 1991 Paramount performance, which you can see in the accompanying video clip.

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