Kathleen Hanna Documentary The Punk Singer Needs Thousands of Dollars to Finish Editing

Original riot grrrl Kathleen Hanna was memorialized in film earlier this year in Kerthy Fix's documentary Who Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour; now the Brooklyn filmmaker Sini Anderson is taking a more extended look at Hanna's life with her own film, The Punk Singer. Of the film, Anderson writes:

The first question that the mention of a documentary about Kathleen Hanna prompts is usually, Why hasn't one already been made? Credited as a founder of the third wave of feminism and Riot Grrrl - Hanna has been a seminal radical activist, musician, and cultural icon for over twenty years. She's also been a lightening rod for controversy, and a famously private person. Five years ago, she disappeared from the public eye, and is only now re-emerging. The Punk Singer combines twenty years of archival footage and an intimate look at four consecutive seasons of Hanna's present life, to tell the story of what happened, and who she is now.

Anderson and her crew have finished shooting the film, which includes interviews with Hanna's husband Adam Horovitz, her Le Tigre and Bikini Kill bandmates, Joan Jett, Corin Tucker, and Carrie Brownstein, but now they're out of money needed for the editing process. That's where Kickstarter comes in.

The Punk Singer's Kickstarter page states that they need a total pledge of at least $44,000 by October 27 to complete the film. At press time, they've got less than half of that--$16,207 has been pledged by 334 backers.

And the more you pledge, the better your return rewards get--copies of Hanna's '90s zines, tickets to the film's New York City premiere and afterparty, a ton of CDs, the credit of Associate Producer on the film--and the first person to donate $10K or more can have Hanna, who is apparently way into interior design, redesign a room in their home. Perhaps some wall graffiti will be involved.

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