Family Bands, Church Choirs, and Ill-Advised Male Nudity: The 15 Most Awkward Album Covers of All Time


Lots of album covers are bad, but not all bad album covers are awkward. Bad album covers run the gamut from cheesy photoshopped space scenes to overwrought hair-metal machismo, but an awkward album cover should exhibit some combination of bad judgment, bad lighting, and bad fashion sense. If looking at any of this artwork feels uncomfortable, imagine how the photographer felt.

15) Ken Snyder, By Request Only

Don't let its low standing fool you: this album belongs in the pantheon of terrible album artwork, but even Ken's leisure suit isn't nearly as awkward what's to come.


14) Roger Troutman, The Many Facets of Roger

Many facets, sure, but only one unsightly patch of chest hair.


13) Jim Post, I Love My Life

But what we all love is that mustache.


12) Country Church, Country Church

Middle America's first contribution to this list looks like an outtake from


11) John Bult, Suzie's Sixteenth Birthday

And its second looks like an outtake from Jerry Springer.


10) Bloodhound Gang, Hefty Fine

To Bloodhound Gang's credit, the picture is a fairly accurate representation of the music.


9) Leonard Nimoy, The Touch of Leonard Nimoy

It's hard to imagine this created any new Star Trek fans.

Lenord Nimoy.jpg

8) Freddie Gage, All My Friends Are Dead

Sorry, bro.

All my friends are dead.jpg

7) Orleans, Waking and Dreaming

It wasn't funny back then, and it wasn't funny when the Red Hot Chili Peppers did it 20 years later.


6) Tino, Por Primera Vez

Possession of this album art is considered a felony in most states and can only lead to a sit-down with Chris Hansen.

Tino-por primera vez.jpg

5) The Frivolous Five, Sour Cream and Other Delights

I, for one, have no interest in finding out what "Other Delights" refers to.


4) The Ministers' Quartet, Let Me Touch Him

[Too afraid to make a joke.]

Minister's Quartet.jpg

3) Joyce Drake, Joyce

From the perm to the rose to the I'm-staring-into-your-soul death glare, Joyce approaches awkward-album-cover perfection.


2) The Braillettes, Our Hearts Keep Singing

If this cover makes you laugh, you might be a terrible person.


1) Herbie Mann, Push Push

Herbie Mann was a record-label executive and prolific jazz flutist, but based on this picture, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume he's about to use that flute for unsavory purposes.


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