Bumbershoot Visual Arts: Skater's Gauntlet

I had the pleasure of profiling local artist W. Scott Trimble for last year's Artopia in Georgetown, where he created a large, meandering wooden trestle in a parking lot. It was hugely successful; everyone wanted to walk on it. This year for Bumbershoot, he's created a smaller, scaled-down structure called Skater's Gauntlet, appropriately located outside next to the skateboard park. Unfortunately for daredevils, however, the loop-the-loop track is built at around 1/8 scale. Meaning it would be the perfect size for Barbie's boyfriend Ken, or G.I. Joe, to ride--if they had the guts! Made of new-cut lumber and freshly painted blue metal, it's like a roller coaster--a dare for tiny athletes. It surely will tantalize the young riders who roll and leap inside the park proper. (Meanwhile, parents will breathe a sigh of relief that Skater's Gauntlet is only a model, not a pathway to the ER.)

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