Bored? Give Mogwai's New Earth Division EP a Listen on The Guardian's Music Blog

Scottish Sub Pop-signed orchestral rockers Mogwai are streaming their new Earth Division EP for free on The Guardian's music blog all this week, and it's worth a listen (which you can accomplish by clicking here). Each track is accompanied by a brief annotation by guitarist Stuart Braithwaite, which is nice.

The four-track EP is a bit more subdued in nature than say, their debut Sub Pop full-length Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (best album title ever?), and as with a lot of Mogwai material, I feel like I want to skip ahead to the inevitable action toward the end of each track, but when I just cool my jets and let the songs unfold naturally, I find myself "getting lost" in them a bit, and only hate myself a little for using a term like "getting lost" to describe my reaction to a song. "Drunk and Crazy," which has the most giddy-up out of the bunch, is probably my favorite track so far, but I'll do a little more "getting lost" and report back.

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