Blood, Teenage Riots, and Broken Drums: Fuzzy Cloaks Recount Their Worst Show Ever

Jason Scott
Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of spending an evening out with Scott Yoder, Stefan Rubicz, and Woody Brenton of Fuzzy Cloaks; this Sunday, October 2, the trio will be playing a show at the Comet. They've only played about a dozen shows since their inception a couple months ago; hopefully this weekend's will be nothing like the one they described to me as their worst show ever. This particular disaster was their second show, it occurred at Pioneer Square's 619 Building, and they only got through two and a half songs:

Yoder: Some guy said to us, "Yeah, it's gonna be a crazy party." We played there, and I think it was a bunch of teenagers who were harassing the guy who owned the gallery that the show was at. Some kids were tagging something, and the guy was really mad, and we were in the middle of a cover of that song "Sea of Love," that oldie-goodie song, and the guy grabbed the microphone from me, in the middle of this slow ballad song, and was like, "OK, show's over! Everybody go home!" And then it got really weird, because there were some teenagers who really wanted the band that was playing after us to play, they were stoked on them. And then the guy had a cut on his arm, and he started wiping his blood on some girl.

Rubicz: And then all these kids starting throwing shit at him, and he retreated into some weird walled off area.

Yoder: As we were leaving the cops came. I think the guy might have called them. He was an angry hippie.

Brenton: My drumset was falling over anyway.

Fuzzy Cloaks headline the Comet Tavern on Sunday, October 2; the show is $6 and also features Apollos, WaMu, and Monarchies.

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