20 Years Later, Legendary End DJ Marco Collins Is Still Spinning 1991's Hits, Now Via Slacker.com's New Grunge Station

Kevin P. Casey
Marco Collins--the music director and flagship DJ at 107.7 the End during grunge's halcyon days, and the subject of a SW cover story in January, "Marco Collins Picks Up the Pieces" -- hates being pigeonholed as the retro guy. But, damn it, the offers keep coming.

Last week Slacker.com--the Internet radio home where Collins has been curating a tasty "Alternative Chill" station--launched "Grunge: 20 Years" later, a station curated by Collins. The station is pure classic (rock?) grunge fare. The first two tracks spun during a recent listen were Nirvana's "Territorial Pissings" and Pearl Jam's "Better Man." Those nostalgic for End radio of 1991--much of which has been preserved in the station's current format--will be at home here.

In other Collins news . . . Marco's been heard far less on KEXP--where he's worked as a sub for a number of years--and more recently on 103.7 the Mountain, where he's been picking up fill-in shifts.

The Mountain makes a ton of sense for Marco, a guy who knows how to incorporate new music that can appeal to a grunge audience. His Alternative Chill station, which mixes everything from Radiohead and Band of Horses to Fruit Bats and Jeff Buckley, is a great example of his talents as a curator. More of this, please!

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