Zootunes, for Real: Grass Widow Plays a Concert for a Gorilla

Music for Animals is the project of one Laurel Braitman, who, in her own words, "got curious about what it would be like to play shows for animals who are normally shows themselves." She's had Jason Holt of Spectrum play for some sea lions in Monterey, Pete Frauenfelder of Trainwreck Riders and Slow Motion Cowboys play for a burro, also in California, and recently, Kill Rock Stars' resident girl rockers (and headliners of this month's Cairo Vibrations Festival) Grass Widow play for Kiki the gorilla at Boston's Franklin Park Zoo. The Fader debuted a video of the performance, in which the girls played "Milo Minute" off their recent self-released 7-inch.

Check out the video after the jump.

Grass Widow "Milo Minute" from what rabbit on Vimeo.

I personally find primates horrifying, so this video frightens me, especially the part where Kiki starts banging on the glass, but I like the idea and think it should be brought to Seattle (or Tacoma)--how about Caspar Babypants playing some tunes for the two new clouded leopard cubs at Point Defiance Zoo? Or Seapony playing for the seahorses at the Seattle Aquarium? He Whose Ox Is Gored playing for some lucky musk ox? Other ideas?

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