Today Reverb Recommends You Listen to Blooper's Overlooked Ballard Avenue EP

Waaaaaaay back in July, Seattle band Blooper dropped their Ballard Ave. EP and ... nobody noticed! I admit, I didn't catch wind of the record until we put out a call for records to review in Reverb Monthly (where every local release will get a review), and the band sent me a note. I've been listening ever since.

The EP is a brief, distorted bit of fuzzy pop, in line with the garage rock that's been percolating in town lately. The four Blooper originals--including the standout, "Courtney"-- are followed by an anthemic cover of Teenage Fanclub's "Song to the Cynic." The whole thing is streaming on their bandcamp.

Hey, while we're talking about Reverb Monthly ... we're putting the finishing touches on our list of releases to review in our first issue, out Aug. 31. If you're in a local band and you have a release schedule for any time between now and the end of September, please send me a note with links to your tracks so we can include a review of your record. Remember, we want to review EVERY SINGLE LOCAL RELEASE each month.

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