Today Reverb Recommends Helping the Half Moon Five Restore Peace to the City

Tomorrow, five of Seattle's proudest rock bands--Witch Gardens, followed by a lineup that could read like the All Stars of Through @ 2, MOUNTAINSS, M. Women, U, and Footwork--are joining their mighty forces to create the superhero coalition Half Moon Five, fighting together to defeat "goons with power" and "the eerie glow of wildfires"!

The above poster and its ensuing comic-book story was created and shared with me by Witch Gardens' Casey Catherwood. Click through to find out what it all really means.

MOUNTAINSS' Dan Enders assembled the five bands for a Saturday-afternoon barbecue, followed by a special performance from each. The event will take place at a secret location on Capitol Hill--if you want to go (I obviously recommend that you do), DO SOME RESEARCH. Facebook is a friend.

What I can tell you is that Witch Gardens and M. Women will kick off the live music with outdoor performances, while their noisier friends of U, MOUNTAINSS, and Footwork will take things inside for their sets. Barbecue will start around 3, music starts at 5.

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